Hi!  I’m Kamina.  I’ve been a vegan since 1988, which is all the time that I’ve been alive.

Whether you're changing your diet to address a health issue, need help getting organised with meals or just want to be more confident in the kitchen, we can problem-solve together. Totally new to plant-based eating? Vegan curious but not sure about committing? That's fine. I'm here to help you be as vegan as you're ready to be right now.

I live in Australia, in a city that’s sunny all year round.  Food-wise, my personal philosophy is to eat mostly low-fat whole plant foods - but I love baking for other people and I’ve probably never said no to ice cream.  

If you need a safe space where you can explore plant-based eating without judgement, you’ve found it.  Vegan or not, I’m so happy you’re here.  


"I was a little bit nervous when Kamina said she'd come over to help me out.
But as soon as she walked through the door, I knew I didn't have anything to worry about.
She just gave off this vibe that made everything fun."