What you need to know about Lifelong Vegan

What you need to know about Lifelong Vegan (1).png

Not all plant-based diets are the same. Not all plant-based people think the same.

If you're thinking of working with me, here are some things to know before we start. These are the things that make Lifelong Vegan pretty different to other plant-based blogs or businesses:

I’ve been vegan for a really long time.  For my whole life, in fact - which makes me pretty rare among people of my generation.  My mother went vegan five years before I was born, and remained vegan throughout her pregnancy with me.  I was born in 1988 and I’ve stayed vegan for my whole life.  Both of my parents have been vegan for over thirty years, and my younger brother is also a lifelong vegan.  We’ve weathered every vegan food trend, every nutrition myth and scare, bad press, good press, disappointing discontinuations of old favourite vegan products, and we’ve watched veganism grow from a misunderstood, marginal lifestyle choice to a respected worldwide trend.  I would never consider living any other way.

I’m really, really good at being vegan. I know which cruelty-free hippie deodorant actually works and how to get in and out of the grocery store without reading any labels. I know how to order in a restaurant without fuss and how to modify a recipe without googling anything. From school lunches to kids’ birthday parties, Christmas dinners to my own vegan wedding, I’ve rocked a vegan version of every situation you can imagine. I can make a no-bake tofu cheesecake that tastes like melted milk chocolate, and I want to give you the recipe.

I’m a properly educated vegan.  Speculation, misinformation and random anecdotal advice do not fly with me.  I don’t give out nutrition advice without having it fact-checked by an accredited practising dietitian who specialises in vegan diet planning.  I don’t link to information unless I feel personally satisfied that it comes from a credible source.  Unfortunately, the internet is rife with misinformation, and I don’t want to spread any more.  I take my responsibility as a vegan educator really seriously, and I do my best to teach my readers how to assess the credibility of information they read or hear.

I’m the nicest vegan on the internet.  I don’t put up with ‘vegan douchery’. This includes vegans who hate on other vegans for ‘not being vegan enough’ (or not healthy enough or not environmentally friendly enough), vegans who personally attack non-vegans, and vegans who make newbies feel stupid or guilty while they’re learning how to be vegan.   I'm fostering a community that promotes positivity and progress. 

I'm so pleased that you're here, and I'd love you to ask me to help you make plant-based eating easy. Nothing makes me happier. Let's talk!