3 awesome, crazy easy things to do with tofu

3 things to do with tofu

I meet a lot of people who are scared of tofu. 

‘What is it?” “Why is it like that?” “It tastes like nothing?” “Why is it in water?” “The internet said I have to marinate it.” “IT FELL APART IN MY STIR FRY.”

Recipe books and The Internet don’t do anything to dispel the myth that tofu is difficult and mysterious. Recipes are full of bizarre instructions, like “to drain the tofu, wrap it in paper towel and place in the fridge with something heavy on top. Allow to sit for 2 hours before using.” Excuse me, but ain’t nobody got time for that. If I had to mess around with an ingredient 2+ hours before using it, I’d be scared of it too.

I’ve been eating tofu since I was smaller than a bee’s knee, or whatever the saying is. I’ve probably cooked with it at least twice a week since I was ten years old. And you guys - if you don’t like tofu, you’re doing it wrong. It’s amazing, delicious when done right, and incredibly easy to cook and eat. Mysterious, no. Magical? YES. Here are 3 things you can do with it:

tofu quiche
tofu pad thai
tofu chocolate mousse

1, Make a quiche. Not as hard as it sounds. To make the filling, blend 500g soft tofu with a tablespoon or so of flour, powdered vegetable stock or other seasoning to taste, and a dash of tumeric for colour. Mix through chopped veggies, onion and fresh herbs then pour into a quiche pan lined with vegan shortcrust pastry. Bake until it looks and feels like quiche (about an hour).

2. Stir-fry it. OBVIOUSLY. For this you need the 'hard' tofu, the one that feels like a squishy brick when you squeeze it in the supermarket. I like to marinate chunks of it in a tupperware container with soy sauce, hoi sin sauce, minced garlic and minced ginger (the stuff you get in jars is great for this). Leave it while you get all the other ingredients out for dinner, then fry it in a hot pan. Add some veggies and serve over brown rice if you’re hungry. P.S. You can actually skip the marinating step and just throw the sauce in when you fry it. True story.

3. Chocolate mousse. Yes. Blend 250g soft tofu in a bullet blender. Melt 250g (vegan) chocolate and add it to the tofu mixture. If you want it sweeter, add a sweetener; if you want it more bitter or chocolatey, add cocoa powder. (It’ s not rocket science.) Set in the fridge for a couple of hours and serve with strawberries. Super easy, super impressive.

Did you know I can literally come to your house, take you shopping for tofu and then show you how to cook it? And then we eat it, obviously! Check out my testimonials page for a recent review of a session dedicated entirely to tofu. (Spoiler: it’s rave.) Then contact me and invite me to come to your house and play with food, because nothing would make me happier than making YOU happy. With tofu.