I’m available to speak at organisations, schools and community events.

Topic #1: Eating for Climate Safety

The climate is in crisis. Most people aren’t aware that changing our diet is one of the most effective actions we can take towards mitigating the climate emergency.

  • What does food have to do with climate change?

  • Planning a healthy climate-friendly diet

  • Steps for transitioning your diet

  • Shifting our country’s culture towards climate-friendly eating

  • Q & A

    Available as a 1-hour workshop, half-day workshop or 4 weekly sessions.



Topic #2: Growing Up Vegan

Nervous about bringing your kids up on a plant-based diet? As somebody who was raised vegan from birth, I’m here to tell you it’s all going to be okay.

  • Tips for parents, from a kid’s point of view

  • How to build happy, resilient vegan kids

  • Dealing with schools and institutions

  • Tricky social situations

  • Q & A

    Available as a 1-hour talk with Q & A.

In partnership with The Human Herbivore, I also run nutrition workshops, including:

Introduction to Optimal Nutrition on a Plant-Based Diet (2-hour workshop)
Introduction to Raising Healthy Children on a Plant-Based Diet (2-hour workshop)
Easy Peasy Plant-Based Eating (full day workshop)

To enquire about a booking or ask questions (obligation free!), please contact me and we'll talk.