"I know how to use a few ingredients to make really tasty, healthy food - quickly!"

When I did my session with Kamina, I'd been exploring a plant based diet for about two months. I had slowly cut out animal products from my eating habits and been told by a dietitian that I should be moving towards a low fat, whole foods diet.

I had some questions and holes in my vegan knowledge - how was I to cook and eat plant based, low fat food - without blowing my budget, spending hours in the kitchen or eating bland food that didn't fill me up?

We started by looking through my kitchen stocks and identifying which ingredients could help us. Kamina took me on an assisted shopping trip and when we arrived home we had everything we needed to make three delicious dishes. Kamina introduced me to some new ways of using tofu as protein, a tasty pasta dish using beans to make a creamy white sauce and a really quick stir-fry using tofu and a variety of green vegetables.

 I am now a lot more confident about cooking plant based food without the use of oil or other products heavy with fat. I'm more aware of what products are available cheaply at my local supermarket that are great staples for a vegan diet. Plus, I know how to use a few ingredients to make really tasty, healthy food - quickly! 

 Kamina listened to my specific concerns, encouraged me to try new things and helped me identify what meals and food habits work for me. I really enjoyed the sessions, and have been inspired to try out some other new recipes. I would definitely recommend working with Kamina to anyone looking to make a diet change.

Beccy (new vegan)
18 July 2017

"I can't believe we were able to get everything for so little money."

I'm really not great at cooking. It's just something I've never had any confidence in. And since I went vegan it seemed even harder because it felt like there was all this inside knowledge I just didn't have.

So I was a little bit nervous when Kamina said she'd come over to help me out. But as soon as she walked through the door, I knew I didn't have anything to worry about. She just gave off this vibe that made everything fun.

We went shopping at my local grocery store. Since I'm a student, I wanted to know how to cook on a budget. She walked me through all the ingredients we needed. She answered all my questions really easily. It was also good being shown what ingredients were OK to get cheap, and what ingredients were worth spending a little bit more on to get better quality.

When we got home, we had a lot of fun putting everything together! We ended up with three dishes, and more food I knew what to do with. My freezer is still full of prepared meals that I just have to reheat in the microwave. And everything tastes delicious and looks really healthy!

The best thing about the day was that it was just so good to have a real-life person there, who knew exactly what she was doing, and who could answer all my questions. It was just so much fun! Thank you, Kamina! Thanks to you, I feel so much more at home putting delicious, healthy, vegan meals together. I really learned a lot. I wish we could cook together all the time!

Deon (long-term vegan)
11 July, 2017

“Skilled and informed, approachable and sensitive.”

"Teach me tofu." I’ve been moving to a plant-based diet for months, finding new meals I love or twists to old favourites. But tofu is unknown. I knew I needed more protein options… but it seemed intimidating. 

It wasn’t. 

Kamina immediately set me at ease, allowing for my convoluted questions and vague concerns.

We started with an introduction to different types of tofu – types, uses and how to choose the correct one.  After asking some of my preferences Kamina proceeded to take me shopping for different tofu dishes (and styles). Back at my home she demonstrated, taught and encouraged me to assist in preparing three meals. In addition to my tofu learning she helped me identify pantry items which were vegan – surprising to me 'beef' stock powder! We discussed different plant-based milks and safe storage and preparation of food.

All dishes were pronounced delicious by my family – my husband asked for lunch leftovers. All were items I can now confidently replicate or adapt.

Her lifelong experience, her cooking (and shopping) skills combined with her personable manner made these two hours an extremely enjoyable and valuable investment. 

Milika (vegan-curious)
5 July 2017